About Us

Responsible Driving Techniques DUI School LLC. is based in Atlanta, Georgia. We have helped several drivers with DUI/Risk Reduction, Defensive Driving and Anger Management classes.


Our instructors are DDS State Certified with caring and courteous personalities. Our instructors are well trained and highly experienced with over 20 years of training.

It is our mission to provide high quality training services. Teaching knowledge and information that has the capability to motivate a person to actually THINK before making high risk/negative choices and having to deal with the subsequent consequences. Our objective is to empower and encourage our students to assess their behavior and begin to make low-risk choices that will foster a safe, fulfilled and productive future.

We proudly offer Anger Management classes, DUI/Risk Reduction classes, Notary Services, Copies and Fax..


If you have been charged with any of the following, Georgia State law requires you to attend a DUI / Risk Reduction program certified/licensed by the Georgia Department of Driver's Services (DDS) before your driver's license can be reinstated.

  1. Defensive Driving

  2. DUI/ Risk Reduction

  3. Reckless Driving

  4. Drug Possession

  5. Other drug offenses

  6. Underage possession of drugs or alcohol

  7. Clinical Evaluation Referrals

  8. Victim Impact/MADD Referrals